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No New Posts Unexplained Animals & Animal Deaths

Core heating up perhaps...

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1 1 Mystery Sea Monster Washes up on Texas City Beach...
by Mad Scientist
Sept 13, 2017 19:21:21 GMT
No New Posts Earthquakes & Volcano Euruption

Whole lotta shaking going on.

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11 21 Heat From Earth's Interior Triggers Ice Sheet Slide to Sea
by Mad Scientist
Jan 28, 2018 8:18:56 GMT
No New Posts Flooding & Strange Weather

Patterns or just rotten luck?

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6 16 Weather Anomaly Vids.
by sedna9
Nov 11, 2017 0:17:14 GMT
No New Posts Antarctic Anomalies

Rise...rise I say... Rise.

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3 15 91 New Volcanoes Found Hiding Beneath West Antarctic.
by Mad Scientist
Aug 15, 2017 5:36:27 GMT


AkashicRebel: The Japanese actors team is very Impressive, the Japanese ordinance reaction is less impressive than that, there criticism goes to the reality check actually, it's looks like the unrealistic parts are heavily covered with h heavy duty special effects and Mar 17, 2018 4:28:29 GMT
AkashicRebel: ...unignorable overly artwork. I think it's going to be quite good, it's can be going to many directions, tadano asamu, the main Japanese cast - can be funny as a laugh gas overdose, that's quite worked well in killbill Mar 17, 2018 4:34:54 GMT
Mad Scientist: Pretty insightful, you're not the only one who had some questions by the movie. I saw some reviews that were pretty negative. But personally as a gangster movie I liked it, simply cause I can't get annoyed with inaccuracies because I do not know enough Mar 17, 2018 7:46:03 GMT
Mad Scientist: about Japan to see the errors, thx for the reply. Mar 17, 2018 7:48:32 GMT
AkashicRebel: Did you watch outrage already? very good yakuza movie, both parts. Mar 17, 2018 13:34:49 GMT
AkashicRebel: Mar 17, 2018 13:38:21 GMT
AkashicRebel: Part ii Mar 17, 2018 13:42:38 GMT
Mad Scientist: Looks cool, not on the Flix here though, would watch it if I can find it somewhere. Mar 17, 2018 13:54:06 GMT
sed: checkout TERRA FORMARS animated series its spaceprogram of Germany on mars. but made from JAPAN Mar 17, 2018 19:25:36 GMT
AkashicRebel: ^^^ that's a good one Sedna, watched it Mar 18, 2018 7:03:15 GMT
AkashicRebel: ....ALTERED CARBON. very good one. I'm only in the second episode, and it's my favorite one for now, no question about it, so well done, you couldn't ask for better actors, and the story is wicked as it can get. the action- HOLY SHIT ! Mar 18, 2018 7:08:19 GMT
Mad Scientist: There's a topic on Carbon series, also Damnation, very good show, you'd like it. ::Bananeyessss:: Mar 18, 2018 8:03:27 GMT
sedna9: i mentin those because People on the net always brought up those stories. and they reacted also surpirised as i approachedthem with those medias. what i dint get... they had the truth about my dream i had in this base. but .. they say trump is it and Mar 21, 2018 22:23:18 GMT
sedna9: would disclose and be the guy the world Needs. rink even promotes qanon. Mar 21, 2018 22:23:47 GMT *
sedna9: i cannot share those believes. but i hell do understand that this is very itchy that the shit they have about those torcher program as their memories. and ist indeed very strange Mar 21, 2018 22:24:49 GMT *
sedna9: Keep this in mind. to all this Mar 21, 2018 22:25:39 GMT
sedna9: expanse series , darkmatter series (Canada) Mar 21, 2018 22:27:15 GMT
sedna9: youtb watch?v=HQlk8wccqHk checkout newest interview ::budo:: Mar 21, 2018 22:28:38 GMT
Mad Scientist: I like the expanse as a sci fi series, not the futuristic idea they want to seed, can't wait for 3rd season though... Mar 23, 2018 10:01:28 GMT
sed: weisst du dark matter series aus Canada is next altered Carbon eand agents of shields (season5) similiar looking from the production and how its made . or ist basicly tv Budget Mar 23, 2018 20:05:31 GMT
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